Day 10: Trying To Climb A Brick Wall

When I began this effort to blog every day for the month of March, I didn't even flinch. How hard could 31 days straight be? In 2008, I blogged every day for 365 days. Every day. But, here I am, ten days in and already feeling like I'm up against a brink wall every night... Continue Reading →

Lucky Number 7

March 7 will mark 7 years, 7 months and 7 days since I stopped drinking. Funny how numbers work out that way. All those sevens in a line feel ceremonious. Realizing this has made me overly-emotional, sitting here at my regular table near the front of the coffee shop, holding back tears listening to David... Continue Reading →

35 Books On Writing (Or, Why I May Have A Problem)

I am enrolled in a writing course, and I can't even say the name of the class as it reeks of writer/family/betrayal in its highest form. While I'm not going to post any of the essays I've written as part of the class assignments, I am game for sharing a photo inspired by the instructor... Continue Reading →

So I Had This Dream The Other Night…

Dream Symbols from The Color White White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life. Shoes In general, shoes represent your approach to life. Wearing shoes in your dream suggests that you are well-grounded or down to earth.... Continue Reading →

17,366,400 Seconds

It has been 201 days since my last blog post. It feels longer if you consider the number of minutes - 289,440 between this post and the one I wrote on February 12. Or, if you want to be really bleak, I've waited more than 17,366,400 seconds to return to this page (and that number... Continue Reading →

Creation Tales

That's me and my dad. The date stamped on the back of this photo reads October 1976, six months before he drowned. We're in the backyard of the house where he and my mother lived until their divorce. If the date is correct, they were already divorced when this picture was taken, or at least,... Continue Reading →

What if we followed those fleeting, random thoughts?

My first blog post this year was an open invite for more magic in my life. Right after posting a link to it on Facebook, this print by Fiona Childs showed up in my newsfeed right above the link to my blog post. Isn't it perfect? What's even more perfect is the story that happened... Continue Reading →

I predict 2014 to explode with big-breath-taking, happy-heart-expanding, out-of-this-world MAGIC

Happy New Year! 2014--can't you even imagine? Remember dancing to, "Two-thousand-zero-zero, party over, oops out of time..." and thinking 2000 was so far away? Now look where we are. The future. Also, where the hell have I been? August? Really? That was the last time I blogged? If I was sitting across from myself right... Continue Reading →

Another day at the office

This has been the view from my desk all week. I'm in a habit of dropping off my son at day care and driving a short walk down the road to the local coffee shop. I spend my workday at the makeshift desk I've created from two high-top tables, typing news stories, checking email, and... Continue Reading →

Watch out, you might get what you’re after

One of my brother's favorite songs growing up was Burning Down the House. He's in his twenties now, but he has loved the song since the time he was small enough to be buckled into a car seat. Tonight, we both got to hear David Byrne sing the song live with fellow artist St. Vincent... Continue Reading →

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