Day 10: Trying To Climb A Brick Wall

When I began this effort to blog every day for the month of March, I didn’t even flinch.

How hard could 31 days straight be? In 2008, I blogged every day for 365 days. Every day.

But, here I am, ten days in and already feeling like I’m up against a brink wall every night I settle in to write something.

And what about my Look at me, I’m going to blog before 10pm because I like setting goals and then making them ridiculously hard to reach?!!!

I’m pretty sure the only night I’ve met the 10pm goal is the night I said I was going to do it. (It was two days ago, I think. I can’t even remember. And now, because I have obviously Kafka’ed into a slug, I’m too tired to care or even look it up. As if looking it up would involve some kind of investment beyond opening a new tab and typing my name dot com. Dear lord – I couldn’t even type my full name in that last sentence. Be careful, don’t slip in this trail of slime behind me.)

Last night, I made my midnight deadline by the skin of my teeth – and that’s only because my laptop battery was dying and I went with a rushed decision not to proof.

Just hit publish and go to bed already I thought. So I did.

What’s important here is that I do it. That I write something for 31 executive days. It doesn’t matter who reads it. If I proof it. If the image fits the message, or even if there is a cohesive, intelligible message.

Just write something that is my own.

Doing this always leads me to things I never even imagined before I picked up the pen (yes, I know, it’s a metaphor – just go with it).

Write. Right? Write.


What do you think?

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