I predict 2014 to explode with big-breath-taking, happy-heart-expanding, out-of-this-world MAGIC

Happy New Year!

2014–can’t you even imagine? Remember dancing to, “Two-thousand-zero-zero, party over, oops out of time…” and thinking 2000 was so far away? Now look where we are. The future.

Also, where the hell have I been?

August? Really? That was the last time I blogged? If I was sitting across from myself right now, I would be giving me the same look my husband gives me when he gets in my car and realizes it has been months since I last cleaned it. Fortunately, this isn’t the only place I write (see: Marketing Land & Search Engine Land).

It is, however a place where I’ve seen magic happen. On January 15, 2008, I decided that I would blog every day for 365 days straight in a push to expand my writing career, or at the very least, my writing. I started an AmyWroteIt wordpress blog, and, within the year, earned a spot as a syndicated op-ed columnist appearing in a number of dailies across the country.

While I deleted that blog and stopped my column a few years back, I see no reason this blog (amywroteit-2.0) wouldn’t be able to work similar magic.

2013 was filled with so many unexpected joys, I’m still in awe of  the wild and wonderful year it was. The biggest news happened in March. After spending my professional life as a writer trapped in a marketing director’s role, I made my biggest and, by far, most rewarding career move so far, accepting the General Assignment Correspondent position with Third Door Media.

I still can’t believe where I landed. I could go on and on about the how much I love every single part of my work–the people, the assignments, my office (see my last post…). There is no end to the number of good things I have to say about my career.

Now that I finally love my work, I want to manifest magic in a other areas of my life as well. I’d list them all if I knew what they were, but right now, just asking to let in the magic already feels like a big brand new breath of fresh air.

4 thoughts on “I predict 2014 to explode with big-breath-taking, happy-heart-expanding, out-of-this-world MAGIC

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  1. I love that the first comment on my blog this year is from the author of one of my most favorite books I read last year.

    Everybody, go check out Suzy’s The Moment Before. (it’s a YA novel, but a great, great read for teenagers and their parents.)


    1. Amen that. Loved Suzy’s book!

      I’m getting off to a fine start in 2014. I don’t know what that means, but it is fine nonetheless!

      I read this quote recently and it’s kicking off my year: “Spend time with the people you love, not just people you know.” (there’s a lot packed into that little sentence…)


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