Write it down in ink

I’m having urges for a new tattoo. My last one, on the palm of my right hand was four years ago. It was a celebration of sorts – a mark on my body to remind me how long I’ve lasted without a drink. I was five years sober at the time, now nine years. Nine […]

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Remembering to breathe

Can we just stop? Can we take a breath? A deep inhale, through our nostrils, taking in as much air as we can, into the back of our throat, pulling it down into our gut, farther down still, all the way down. Can we clear a space for it just below our navel – in […]

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My Mammalian Middle Brain

I finally watched the final episode of The Good Wife. There wasn’t enough Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and they brought back a dead guy – the Good Wife’s unrequited love who was murdered a few seasons back. It was a cop out. You can’t bring dead people back to life no matter how many candles you […]

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