Watch out, you might get what you’re after

One of my brother’s favorite songs growing up was Burning Down the House. He’s in his twenties now, but he has loved the song since the time he was small enough to be buckled into a car seat.

Tonight, we both got to hear David Byrne sing the song live with fellow artist St. Vincent (née Annie Clark) and a ten-person orchestra. They performed David and St. Vincent’s tracks from their Love This Giant album, along with a number of Talking Heads classics. And it was all choreographed, each person, with and without instruments, dancing in step to each song.

It was so good, I couldn’t stop smiling during the entire show. I’m still smiling now, writing about it.

As much as I tried to watch it all, I found myself only focusing on David among the 10+ people on the stage. There’s something about him that I can’t get enough of. Actually, there’s many things about him I can’t get enough of. His music. The way he dances. His books. He has a way of moving through the world, like someone who has been here before, and knows how to do it artfully, skillfully.


I would watch him every night if I could. I realize that sounds kind of creepy on my part, but it’s true. He’s just that much fun. Watch:

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