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Marketers still struggle to build a unified source of data | May 2020

Before you rip and replace another martech tool, it may be time to build a roadmap | May 2020

WPP wants to train 50K employees on AI. Here’s how they plan to do it. | March 2020

How agencies are helping CMOs break down barriers to digital transformation | March 2020

Is it time to say good-bye to the CMO role or just give it a new acronym? | December 2019

Nearly half of businesses aren’t investing in personalization technologies despite citing customer experience as a top priority | November 2019

How Twitter’s latest policy update is impacting brands | March 2018

How Intel uses real-life stories to build its B2B campaigns | February 2018

For Reduxio’s CMO, diversity is key to building a winning team | January 2018

The work detox that led Jones Soda’s CEO to enlightenment | November 2017

More C-suite titles join the upper ranks | October 2017

For Interbrand’s CMO, the path to the top began in a Madison, Wisconsin farmers market | June 2017

Creating Google doodles that ‘Surprise & Delight’ | November 2016

How Intel’s head of creative is building the brand through its in-house agency | June 2016

Published Essays

When women stop coloring their gray hair | Salon | July 2018

She’s the breadwinner and OK with it: A Gen X perspective for “conflicted” millennial women | Salon | June 2018

The Hundred Year Garden | Extol Magazine | June 2018

Dropping By To See What Condition My Depression Is In | Manifest Station | October 2017

On Drinking and Dead Parents and Life on Other Planets | Medium | August 2017

Homesick: Turns Out, I Hated The Time Away From My Kids | Grown & Flown | May 2017

My Daughter Turned 13 – This is What I See When I Look at Her | Grown & Flown | January 2017

Poker, Dice Games & Racehorses | Manifest Station | August 2015



In Defense of Journalism | February 2017

Secrets Only Hurt the Person Keeping the Secret | January 2012

Being Gay Isn’t Wrong | June 2011

Smile. Love. Enjoy Life | April 2011

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