What if we followed those fleeting, random thoughts?

My first blog post this year was an open invite for more magic in my life. Right after posting a link to it on Facebook, this print by Fiona Childs showed up in my newsfeed right above the link to my blog post.

Isn’t it perfect?

What’s even more perfect is the story that happened next.

The person who posted this image is someone I know mostly from the local coffee shop. We often run into each other over lattes, and will catch up while waiting on our coffee orders. We are friends, but not the type that check-in on a regular basis or know intimate details of each others lives.

When I saw her post, so close in sequence to mine, I couldn’t help comment how much I loved it. Here is her immediate response to my comment:

omg, i know you are not going to believe me. Right as I went to repost this and type in my daughters name I thought I should add you, you just came in my mind. I just didn’t on impulse, no biggie but then you wrote this. FREAK ME OUT.

Absolutely, I believe it. There is magic in those fleeting thoughts. Not only do I believe in this magic, but I believe it in its power to lead to grand possibilities.

A few weeks back, while driving down Paoli Pike from the Knobs into New Albany, I had a stray thought about a book I read many years ago. I have no idea what inspired the thought, but I loved the book. As soon as I thought of the book’s title, I had an instant second thought of someone I know. A professional mom like me who I met when our kids were in the same daycare. We keep up over social media and still have lunch together every now and again. While driving down the knobs, I thought, “I should get that book for her.”

It was a fleeting, random thought that I failed to act on…until now. I sent her a copy of the book today. Won’t it be fun to see what happens next?

One thought on “What if we followed those fleeting, random thoughts?

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  1. I am the queen of having stuff in my head and heart to write about, and thinking about writing about it obsessively while not actually getting it onto paper. At some point I have to sit down and actually do it (fuck).


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