Happy Easter! Smoke ’em if you got ’em

Here's a short story about my grandmother, Juanita, who I loved dearly. And Lent. For most of her life, my grandmother smoked Virginia Slims. She started smoking as a teenager. When I was pregnant with my first child, she told me her doctor had advised her to smoke more during both of her pregnancies. "He... Continue Reading →

If I still drank

If I still drank, I would have last night. There was nothing noticeably different yesterday from all my other days. I woke in the morning and helped my husband get our second grader ready for school - my husband fixed our son's breakfast while I laid out his clothes and made sure he had a... Continue Reading →

Dryuary: 3,448 days in

Dryuary is a thing now. People make a New Year's resolution to abstain from alcohol for the entire month of January. There's a website: "Dryuary is all about Not Drinking in January. Join with others, share your strength, take the Dryuary Challenge!" People can sign up to stay in contact with other dryuary participants and... Continue Reading →

Good news: everything is listening, including your keys

Last weekend my cousin and I walked a five mile loop starting at St. Mary's of the Knobs. We parked in the lot between the old catholic church and the new catholic grade school, and headed off with our phones locked in my car, my keys tied to my shoelace - the same as every... Continue Reading →

The Excavation Of My Personal History, Decorated By Sunflowers

Eight years into our marriage my husband and I purchased the house where I grew up from my stepdad. We gutted it. I called it the excavation of my personal history. We took down part of the wall between the kitchen and living room. We dry-walled the basement and had new carpet installed. We repainted... Continue Reading →

How To Face Your Fears Before You Get Burned

Not so long ago, my daughter's bedtime routine ended with the following question every night: "Will you talk to me about it?" It was all of the anxieties and fears and worries that invaded her bedroom as soon as she was tucked in. "No matter what, everything will be okay. There's absolutely nothing to worry... Continue Reading →

Poker, Dice Games & Racehorses

Excerpt from Poker, Dice Games & Racehorses: Nine years ago, during a Christmas party with work colleagues, I drank enough that I couldn't walk straight. Hours before the party had ended, before it had even moved to a second location, I stumbled and fell into a table, knocking over drinks into the laps of my... Continue Reading →

There Are Few Things Sure In Anyone’s Life

This is my dad on his wedding day, February 9, 1973. Today is the 38th anniversary of his death. He drowned May 14, 1977 at Buffalo Trace Park after spending the day picking strawberries in Starlight, Indiana. I was almost four, and he was a few short months from being 27 - both of us... Continue Reading →

My Therapist Said Not To See You No More

I listened to the song "Laid" by James nonstop during my junior year at Auburn. It was released in 1993 - I was home from college most of that year due to a bad case of bulimia, living with my aunt and uncle who already had two teenage girls and a grade schooler. I don't... Continue Reading →

Day 21: Have You Ever

Today I ran 9.01 miles. This is the farthest I have ever run. Ever. To make the nine miles feel less like nine miles, I divided the run into two loops - one three-mile loop that I do all the time, and one six-mile loop, that I've done before, but not after already doing three.... Continue Reading →

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