Day 20: The Game Of Life

Tonight my daughter had a sleep over and our six year old had us all to himself. So we played Life - his choice. It's been awhile since either my husband or I have played, and the rules were missing from the box (imagine that). My take: "Just spin, we'll figure it out." My husband's... Continue Reading →

Day 19: Wedded Blisters

Today while working at the coffee shop, Emmy Lou Harris and Mark Knopfler's song This is us started playing on my Pandora station, making me all teary-eyed-goofy-happy thinking about my husband. We are floating towards our 19th anniversary in September. It's taken a long time to feel like we know what we're doing - and... Continue Reading →

Day 18: No Rest For The Wicked

I want to sleep. Sometimes, I want to sleep so badly, I can do nothing but stand with my eyes closed and imagine falling asleep right where I am. Often, I am in the produce section, picking up apples, searching for ones without bruises. Or, staring at an endless shelf of clothes detergent at Target... Continue Reading →

Day 16: Soup’s On

So far during this daily blogging commitment, I've published two posts after midnight. The first one made me feel like I had tainted the accomplishment, lessening it. By the second one, I had justified the lateness of the post, rethinking "daily" to fit my day - not the one that ends at midnight. That's the... Continue Reading →

Day 12: School Daze

I moved into the freshman dorms at Auburn University in September of 1991. The school calendar was divided into trimesters, and I remember my first year of college starting later than those of my friends who had ended up in Bloomington and West Lafayette. At Auburn, I was a GDI - God Damn Independent, meaning... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Wreckless Driving

When I was in high school, my mom got a gray Lincoln Town car. Driving it down our narrow, twisty small town roads was like trying to navigate an aircraft carrier. I remember the front hood seeming to stretch out forever, forcing me to strain my neck just to see the road in front of... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Nine Things About The Number 9

If you keep adding the numbers of the date I stopped drinking, until you get to a single digit, it equals 9. The Greek numeral Theta has a value of 9, and its symbol can be made to look like: Θ, Ө, θ or ϑ. My first sibling was born when I was nine years... Continue Reading →

10 Things I know Are True (But Keep Forgetting Anyway)

1. I have everything I will ever need right now. 2. The bottom is not going to drop out of it. 3. Worrying that it is will not stop it from happening. 4. I never have the full story - only my version of it. 5. My life is the result of my choices. 6.... Continue Reading →

Lucky Number 7

March 7 will mark 7 years, 7 months and 7 days since I stopped drinking. Funny how numbers work out that way. All those sevens in a line feel ceremonious. Realizing this has made me overly-emotional, sitting here at my regular table near the front of the coffee shop, holding back tears listening to David... Continue Reading →

I’d Drive To The End Of The Earth To Be Happy, Or, At Least, For A Good Plate Of Shrimp & Grits

Today started off with me taking my time once the kids were out the door. It's a holiday, but our school system is in session, making up for the one snow day so far this year. I, on the other hand, was not obligated to follow my standard Monday routine. I made my way to... Continue Reading →

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