Day 16: Soup’s On

So far during this daily blogging commitment, I’ve published two posts after midnight.

The first one made me feel like I had tainted the accomplishment, lessening it. By the second one, I had justified the lateness of the post, rethinking “daily” to fit my day – not the one that ends at midnight.

That’s the story I told myself to make it work.

David Sedaris once wrote a New Yorker essay about a life coach he knew who said we all had four burners. I don’t think that was the actual topic of the essay, but it’s all I remember – how we all have four burners to keep what’s important in our lives cooking – only four, everything else goes cold.

Of my four burners, the two big ones are reserved for pots filled with family and work stews. They’re huge too – big enough to boil an entire box of the jumbo pasta shells. One of the smaller burners in back has recently been given over to train for 13.1 miles in a month a half.

The last burner – which doesn’t even work all that well – is where this blog stays put, divided with other things, like reading and shopping and having coffee with friends…and Prince concerts.

I’d really love a bigger stove. Maybe a high-end Thermador gas stove with six burners – or even a commercial one with a grill or griddle in the middle.

Or, maybe I need a new story.

What do you think?

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