Happy Easter! Smoke ’em if you got ’em

Here's a short story about my grandmother, Juanita, who I loved dearly. And Lent. For most of her life, my grandmother smoked Virginia Slims. She started smoking as a teenager. When I was pregnant with my first child, she told me her doctor had advised her to smoke more during both of her pregnancies. "He... Continue Reading →

If I still drank

If I still drank, I would have last night. There was nothing noticeably different yesterday from all my other days. I woke in the morning and helped my husband get our second grader ready for school - my husband fixed our son's breakfast while I laid out his clothes and made sure he had a... Continue Reading →

Modern Day Book Burnings & Why I Never Wanted To Be A Mommy Blogger

Since my original reaction to reading about this mom and her intentions, I've retreated. Her problem isn't that she doesn't want her kid to read this book, her problem is she wants to apply her own parenting to everyone else's kid.

Day 18: No Rest For The Wicked

I want to sleep. Sometimes, I want to sleep so badly, I can do nothing but stand with my eyes closed and imagine falling asleep right where I am. Often, I am in the produce section, picking up apples, searching for ones without bruises. Or, staring at an endless shelf of clothes detergent at Target... Continue Reading →

Day 16: Soup’s On

So far during this daily blogging commitment, I've published two posts after midnight. The first one made me feel like I had tainted the accomplishment, lessening it. By the second one, I had justified the lateness of the post, rethinking "daily" to fit my day - not the one that ends at midnight. That's the... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Wreckless Driving

When I was in high school, my mom got a gray Lincoln Town car. Driving it down our narrow, twisty small town roads was like trying to navigate an aircraft carrier. I remember the front hood seeming to stretch out forever, forcing me to strain my neck just to see the road in front of... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Like Mother Like Daughter

My mom sent me this picture of the two of us today. She's so young here. When this photo was taken, she was probably 25 or 26, definitely younger than 30. We've always looked alike, but in this photo, I see my baby sister - especially in her eyes. Once I sent my mom a... Continue Reading →

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