Things I Do Instead Of Writing

I'm enrolled in a 12-week writing course this summer aimed at helping writers complete book-length projects. The course overview said students should come to the class with at least east 25 pages of a first draft. When I found the course more than a month ago, my plan was to dig back into a story... Continue Reading →

Day 16: Soup’s On

So far during this daily blogging commitment, I've published two posts after midnight. The first one made me feel like I had tainted the accomplishment, lessening it. By the second one, I had justified the lateness of the post, rethinking "daily" to fit my day - not the one that ends at midnight. That's the... Continue Reading →

Ummm…who do I see about purchasing new office equipment around here?

Monday was the first day of my new job--I mean career--job sounds so what I was doing before what I'm doing now. I entered the kitchen to find my husband staring at our coffee pot like it had lied to him. "It's dead," he said without looking up. Mr. Coffee had died on my very... Continue Reading →

From the highest mountain top

Today was my first Monday working as a full-time writer from home. I'm here. I did it. (If I sound as if I'm standing atop a mountain, it's because that is how I feel.) My uncle asked me yesterday if I knew when I wanted to be a writer. "That is the earliest memory I... Continue Reading →

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