Day 9: Nine Things About The Number 9

  1. If you keep adding the numbers of the date I stopped drinking, until you get to a single digit, it equals 9.
  2. The Greek numeral Theta has a value of 9, and its symbol can be made to look like: Θ, Ө, θ or ϑ.
  3. My first sibling was born when I was nine years old.
  4. I got (what started out as) the ϑ Theta symbol tattooed on the palm of my right hand after five years without a drink. That was more than two years ago. Part of the tattoo has diminished since then, making it look more like a backward letter C.
  5. In ancient Greece, the theta symbol was used as an abbreviation for thanatos, or death, because it resembled a human skull; my first tattoo was a skull and cross bones that I got at a place called Fast Freddies in Columbus, Georgia. It was my freshman year of college. I was nineteen and three states away from home.
  6. The Egyptians used a version of the theta symbol – a circle with a dot in the middle, aka “the third eye” – to represent its Sun God Ra. My second tattoo was the Eye of Ra – which looks like a dramatic eye outlined in black eyeliner.
  7. I was unaware of the connections between these three symbols – theta, skull and cross bones, and the eye of Ra – until long after my last tattoo.
  8. In dream interpretation, the number nine represents completion, closure, rebirth, inspiration and reformation.
  9. If you do the same thing with the date of my marriage, adding up the numbers until it’s only one digit, that’s another nine. 9 + 20 + 1996 = 2025…2 + 2 + 5 = 9


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  1. I don’t know if you have read anything in the area of Numerology. It is based on a number system. Letters are given a number value. Depending on the information you want. For example adding all the letters in your full name , then reduced to a single number reveles thing about ones self .Vowels only another aspect. Consonance another. And all the numbers in ones birth date show things as well.nick


    1. Thanks for the insight. I love attaching numerology meaning to dates (like I did here), but haven’t done so with my name – will definitely see what turns up. (Also, just realized my last name has 9 letters – can’t believe that didn’t occur to me before now!)


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