Day 5: Like Mother Like Daughter

My mom sent me this picture of the two of us today.

She’s so young here. When this photo was taken, she was probably 25 or 26, definitely younger than 30. We’ve always looked alike, but in this photo, I see my baby sister – especially in her eyes.

Once I sent my mom a text with a picture my son had drawn. It was a simple smiley face – a yellow circle with two black dots for eyes, and a curved line to make a smile. No nose.

“It’s a picture of Oma,” he told me.

When mom got the photo in a text explaining it was a drawing of her, she texted back, “It does look like me – especially around the eyes.”

My mom’s funny. My aunt always laughs when she tells the story about visiting my mom in the hospital after she had had surgery. When my aunt entered mom’s hospital room, mom looked at her and said, “I’ll never play the piano again.”

My mom’s never played the piano.

I do look like my mom. I have her short fuse. I inherited her love of words and good music. I hope I am as funny as she is.

What do you think?

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