If I still drank

If I still drank, I would have last night. There was nothing noticeably different yesterday from all my other days. I woke in the morning and helped my husband get our second grader ready for school - my husband fixed our son's breakfast while I laid out his clothes and made sure he had a... Continue Reading →


This weekend I took the kids to see Hidden Figures. Today, my eight-year-old son said he told his teacher he really liked the movie because it was about three important things: African American rights, women's rights, and the space race. "And it was about science and math which are really important too," he told me.... Continue Reading →

How To Face Your Fears Before You Get Burned

Not so long ago, my daughter's bedtime routine ended with the following question every night: "Will you talk to me about it?" It was all of the anxieties and fears and worries that invaded her bedroom as soon as she was tucked in. "No matter what, everything will be okay. There's absolutely nothing to worry... Continue Reading →

Poker, Dice Games & Racehorses

Excerpt from Poker, Dice Games & Racehorses: Nine years ago, during a Christmas party with work colleagues, I drank enough that I couldn't walk straight. Hours before the party had ended, before it had even moved to a second location, I stumbled and fell into a table, knocking over drinks into the laps of my... Continue Reading →

Day 18: No Rest For The Wicked

I want to sleep. Sometimes, I want to sleep so badly, I can do nothing but stand with my eyes closed and imagine falling asleep right where I am. Often, I am in the produce section, picking up apples, searching for ones without bruises. Or, staring at an endless shelf of clothes detergent at Target... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Like Mother Like Daughter

My mom sent me this picture of the two of us today. She's so young here. When this photo was taken, she was probably 25 or 26, definitely younger than 30. We've always looked alike, but in this photo, I see my baby sister - especially in her eyes. Once I sent my mom a... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home Honey, I Made Burnt Mini Corn Dogs & Dry Spaghetti for Dinner

This is an actual picture from my kitchen tonight. For now, let's avoid the fact that there are no vegetables on the plate, and focus on the burnt mini corn dogs. This dish was not the original meal I fixed. The first - a stir fry with broccoli and chicken - was burnt beyond eating.... Continue Reading →

How SWEET it is!

Hello 40! I'm here. Forty years and shining. I can't remember the last time I looked forward to a birthday as much as I have been looking forward to this one. To me, 40 feels like a definitive line in the sand, marking a moment in life where I take it all in...my past experiences,... Continue Reading →

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