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How To Face Your Fears Before You Get Burned

Not so long ago, my daughter's bedtime routine ended with the following question every night: "Will you talk to me about it?" It was all of the anxieties and fears and worries that invaded her bedroom as soon as she was tucked in. "No matter what, everything will be okay. There's absolutely nothing to worry... Continue Reading →

Poker, Dice Games & Racehorses

Excerpt from Poker, Dice Games & Racehorses: Nine years ago, during a Christmas party with work colleagues, I drank enough that I couldn't walk straight. Hours before the party had ended, before it had even moved to a second location, I stumbled and fell into a table, knocking over drinks into the laps of my... Continue Reading →

The Things We Choose To See

This painting is the first thing you see when you enter our home from the garage. It was painted by my cousin, who is also an occupational therapist, builds furniture, and has worked as a carpenter. I like how it sets the mood - not for my house, but for me. Constant motion. Dancing. Under... Continue Reading →

Funny Seeing You Here

I trolled my therapist's Facebook page today. It was as innocent as FB-trolling can be, I swear. Her photo showed up in the "People you may know" box. How could I not? I wasn't on her page long - I read a Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry poem she had posted. I saw pictures of... Continue Reading →

Modern Day Book Burnings & Why I Never Wanted To Be A Mommy Blogger

Since my original reaction to reading about this mom and her intentions, I've retreated. Her problem isn't that she doesn't want her kid to read this book, her problem is she wants to apply her own parenting to everyone else's kid.

What’s Your Damage, Heather?

Remember that scene in Heathers when Winona Ryder burns herself with the car lighter and Christian Slater lights his cigarette with palm of her burnt hand? That's how I feel every time I try to write a new blog post - an initial flash of self torture, immediately followed by utter apathy toward any words... Continue Reading →

Things I Do Instead Of Writing

I'm enrolled in a 12-week writing course this summer aimed at helping writers complete book-length projects. The course overview said students should come to the class with at least east 25 pages of a first draft. When I found the course more than a month ago, my plan was to dig back into a story... Continue Reading →

Running, Writing & Tricking Myself Into Doing Either

Last month I ran a half marathon. It was my first. I've come to running a little later than most. Toward the end of last year, at age 41, I started jogging halfway through my walks. My usual three mile jog turned into four miles, and then five. Eventually, during a particularly good run, an... Continue Reading →

There Are Few Things Sure In Anyone’s Life

This is my dad on his wedding day, February 9, 1973. Today is the 38th anniversary of his death. He drowned May 14, 1977 at Buffalo Trace Park after spending the day picking strawberries in Starlight, Indiana. I was almost four, and he was a few short months from being 27 - both of us... Continue Reading →


Taking selfies - ugh, all the feelings. I never know how high to hold my phone, or how not to have crazy eyes - like I just saw a UFO land in my backyard. The angle of the phone. The slant of my face. Do I look towards the light? Or stand in front of... Continue Reading →

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