Salty & Sweet

Our house smells salty and sweet. My daughter has spent the early afternoon baking a mix of vegan banana muffins (for herself) and chocolate chip banana muffins (for the rest of us) while frying what she calls 15-hour potatoes. The potato recipe is more involved than any dinner I've ever committed to making. It included... Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Stop, Please Don’t Stop, Please Don’t Stop The Music

It's Monday and I keep listening to the same songs over and over. I start with The Killers Are we human...or are we dancers? and then go to the Pixie's Where is my mind? Before the Pixie song ends, I search YouTube for Father John Misty and start singing along, "...oh, pour me another drink,... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Damage, Heather?

Remember that scene in Heathers when Winona Ryder burns herself with the car lighter and Christian Slater lights his cigarette with palm of her burnt hand? That's how I feel every time I try to write a new blog post - an initial flash of self torture, immediately followed by utter apathy toward any words... Continue Reading →

Creation Tales

That's me and my dad. The date stamped on the back of this photo reads October 1976, six months before he drowned. We're in the backyard of the house where he and my mother lived until their divorce. If the date is correct, they were already divorced when this picture was taken, or at least,... Continue Reading →

From the highest mountain top

Today was my first Monday working as a full-time writer from home. I'm here. I did it. (If I sound as if I'm standing atop a mountain, it's because that is how I feel.) My uncle asked me yesterday if I knew when I wanted to be a writer. "That is the earliest memory I... Continue Reading →

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