The Excavation Of My Personal History, Decorated By Sunflowers

Eight years into our marriage my husband and I purchased the house where I grew up from my stepdad. We gutted it. I called it the excavation of my personal history. We took down part of the wall between the kitchen and living room. We dry-walled the basement and had new carpet installed. We repainted... Continue Reading →

Poker, Dice Games & Racehorses

Excerpt from Poker, Dice Games & Racehorses: Nine years ago, during a Christmas party with work colleagues, I drank enough that I couldn't walk straight. Hours before the party had ended, before it had even moved to a second location, I stumbled and fell into a table, knocking over drinks into the laps of my... Continue Reading →

Day 19: Wedded Blisters

Today while working at the coffee shop, Emmy Lou Harris and Mark Knopfler's song This is us started playing on my Pandora station, making me all teary-eyed-goofy-happy thinking about my husband. We are floating towards our 19th anniversary in September. It's taken a long time to feel like we know what we're doing - and... Continue Reading →

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