On the advice of my astrologist

Now that my career is in place, it is time to focus on another area of life. My thighs.

In a few months I will be 40. I have a vision of 40. Fulfilled in work. Happy in family. Strong. Healthy.

For the most part my health is good, but there has been something remiss with my workout routine, mostly that it is not routine. I was considering what to do about my workout habits when I came across Rob Brezney’s advice for me this week:

Leo (July 23-August 22)
I believe you will crawl or scramble or glide to the top of some mountain in the next four weeks. What mountain do you want it to be? A crumbly molehill? A pile of cheap but useful gravel? A lofty peak where you can see for miles and miles? I urge you to decide soon on which of the possibilities you will choose. Then affirm your intention to call on all your resources, allies, and powers to help you make the ascent. This is a chance for serious expansion, Leo. Unleash your soulful ambitions.

While I’m sure Rob is speaking figuratively, I’m going with it. Four weeks to climb a mountain? Why not?

Today I registered for a race in North Carolina. In just under four weeks, I’ll be making an 18.6  trek through the Pisgah National Forest for the Cradle to Grave 30k.

According to the race’s website, I will be walking through, “…the lush Pink Beds trail past fields of wildflowers and beaver ponds, cross creeks on bridges and rocks, move along forest service roads in the heart of Pisgah National Forest, and climb up to one of the most unvisited and spectacular views of pristine forest land available.”

I’m choosing a lofty peak where I can see for miles and miles, for both my soulful ambitions…and my thighs.


What do you think?

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