This weekend I took the kids to see Hidden Figures. Today, my eight-year-old son said he told his teacher he really liked the movie because it was about three important things: African American rights, women's rights, and the space race. "And it was about science and math which are really important too," he told me.... Continue Reading →

Modern Day Book Burnings & Why I Never Wanted To Be A Mommy Blogger

Since my original reaction to reading about this mom and her intentions, I've retreated. Her problem isn't that she doesn't want her kid to read this book, her problem is she wants to apply her own parenting to everyone else's kid.

Day 12: School Daze

I moved into the freshman dorms at Auburn University in September of 1991. The school calendar was divided into trimesters, and I remember my first year of college starting later than those of my friends who had ended up in Bloomington and West Lafayette. At Auburn, I was a GDI - God Damn Independent, meaning... Continue Reading →

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