Please Don’t Stop, Please Don’t Stop, Please Don’t Stop The Music

It's Monday and I keep listening to the same songs over and over. I start with The Killers Are we human...or are we dancers? and then go to the Pixie's Where is my mind? Before the Pixie song ends, I search YouTube for Father John Misty and start singing along, "...oh, pour me another drink,... Continue Reading →

Modern Day Book Burnings & Why I Never Wanted To Be A Mommy Blogger

Since my original reaction to reading about this mom and her intentions, I've retreated. Her problem isn't that she doesn't want her kid to read this book, her problem is she wants to apply her own parenting to everyone else's kid.

Day 17: Security Blankets

For a number of years, my morning commute included a drive across the Ohio River headed east on interstate 64 to the Grinstead exit just outside of downtown Louisville. I'd drive up Cherokee Parkway to Longest Avenue where I would stop for my daily Heine Brothers' coffee and a walk through Carmichael's Bookstore. 64 to... Continue Reading →

Day 14: Speaking of (More) Books

After today's 5th grade choir competition, my daughter and I made our usual weekend trip to the bookstore. Bettyville by George Hodgman was front and center in the featured titles, with a 20 percent off sticker no less. I first read about the memoir on Betsey Lerner's blog, but couldn't remember any of the story... Continue Reading →

Day 13: Wanna See What I’m Reading?

Because I'm tired. And it's Friday night. And all I want to do is curl up in whatever area of the couch is still available to fall asleep with one of these books resting on my chest. All of which are stacked on my nightstand right now, in the pile closest to the bed...waiting just... Continue Reading →

35 Books On Writing (Or, Why I May Have A Problem)

I am enrolled in a writing course, and I can't even say the name of the class as it reeks of writer/family/betrayal in its highest form. While I'm not going to post any of the essays I've written as part of the class assignments, I am game for sharing a photo inspired by the instructor... Continue Reading →

Creation Tales

That's me and my dad. The date stamped on the back of this photo reads October 1976, six months before he drowned. We're in the backyard of the house where he and my mother lived until their divorce. If the date is correct, they were already divorced when this picture was taken, or at least,... Continue Reading →

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